The Irish Embassy Pub

Letter of thanks from Tim & Darlene
August 14, 2009, 4:12 pm
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Winning the tour of Ireland on Saint Patrick’s Day given by Guinness and The Irish Embassy Pub here in Durango was a remarkable experience for Tim and I, as we’d always dreamed and wished we could visit Ireland since Tim my husband has family heritage there, after being there a few days we thought Wow!!  What a beautiful charming country. The green rolling farm hills, the beautiful flowers, the fat cows, the farmers driving their tractors down the smallest country roads at 60 miles an hour, also driving on the opposite side of the car shifting on the opposite side took some getting use to with a few choice words flowing out of my husband Tim’s mouth. We noticed that the road signs and road rules were very different than ours here in America what a trip!  We were treated so wonderful by the Irish folks; visiting about 20 different Irish pubs each one just as charming as the other with outstanding musicians playing with all their hearts, Irish voices singing about good old Ireland set everyone dancing and toasting a perfect Guinness! We had so much fun the castles were intriguing and a little scary I thought I saw a ghost not for sure though. The Cliffs of Mohr were breath taking the ocean so powerful and beautiful; the huge cliff rocks were a site to see a castle sitting right on top with such history behind it. I even enjoyed being apart of Ladies Day At the Galway Horse races, as I entered the Guinness Tent wearing my fabulous hat that was my great grandmothers, I was stopped right away by a couple of camera men from a the TV show called Total Expose they just had to interview me, of course I told them I was from Durango Co and that Guinness and my Irish pub were the reason we won this trip!

 I could write a book about how special this trip was but with four hundred and fifty pictures we will be reminiscing for a long time!

I want to give a special thanks to Guinness and our very own pub here in Durango Co. The Irish Embassy – Love you Guys!


Sincerely, Tim & Darlene Redmond

 Love you Guys!

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