The Irish Embassy Pub

Welcome to the Underground
January 27, 2012, 4:56 pm
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Call it the luck of the Irish, but the Irish Embassy Pub seems to be thriving in this down economy. On Friday, Feb. 3rd they’ll be opening their latest expansion to the ever popular pub with the Underground, an evening nightclub venue. “We’ve listened to people around town and it seemed that college students wanted a place to dance and have fun, where they could feel safe and really let their hair down. The post-college crowd wanted the same thing, but on a more subdued level. By creating the Underground, we’re able to accomplish both. The Underground will feature live bands and dance music, appealing to the younger crowd, which will then open up the Ambassador’s Lounge as a place for the older crowd to hang out, without having to shout over music to have a conversation,” said manager Phil Brennan. “We’ll be adding a cocktail menu and whiskey flights to the lounge, making it more of the upscale bar that we’ve intended all along. A traditional Irish pub accommodates many demographics. By acquiring the new space we can cater to families, the younger crowd, the older crowd, and everyone in between.”

The Irish Embassy Pub opened in the summer of 2008. The upstairs bar and dining area can accommodate approximately 150 people, and is regularly used for live music and the weekly Sunday Irish Jam Sessions. Mick Ward’s Ambassador’s Lounge, the downstairs area named for the late owner, has its own bar and seating area (and can hold up to 85 people, or 50 seated), and is available to rent out for events. “We marry ‘em and bury ‘em” said pub co-owner Jerry Hembury. “The pub can host any event, from a wedding reception to a wake, with every life event in between – just like they do at the pubs in Ireland.”

By adding the Underground, they’ve expanded their capacity by another 150 people, and have added another full bar, bathrooms, stage area, pool table, darts, televisions and shuffleboard. The Underground is accessible through the downstairs of the Irish Embassy.